Tom Harm at an AV system installation. We provide expert installation services anywhere in the United States, but we focus on the greater Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary areas.

Audio Visual Systems Installation

AV TechSource engineers regularly provide expert installation services and project management for some of the nation’s largest AV integrators.

Our AV system installation services include:

  • Installation labor provided by highly trained, highly experienced technicians and engineers
  • Field service and field programming to solve any unforeseen problems on-site
  • Project management services
  • 24/7 availability if needed
  • Fully insured
  • Flexible warranty terms, depending on your needs and your budget

If you are an AV integrator, call us for a single project or to discuss a long-term relationship.

If you are an IT, AV or facilities manager looking for an AV system installation or installation of a single piece of gear, call us as well. We will work with one of our strategic partners to provide a complete hardware and service package, or we can provide just the technical support or service you require. Most often, we will exceed your expectations.

We offer AV system installation services across the nation, but are most available in the greater Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary areas. Contact us with questions, concerns or professional advice on any audio visual system.

The audio visual systems installation process

Your AV, sound or videoconferencing system is a big investment.

It’s not unusual for problems to come up on a job site. A component may not function properly. Programming may not fully take into account conditions at your site. There may be unforeseen problems with AC power, grounding, network wiring, or a host of other issues. You need technicians with years of experience in audio visual systems installations to handle any hitch promptly and competently, before it can cause major delays or cost overruns.

Unlike most installers, the professionals at AV TechSource have years of repair, programming and engineering experience. It only makes sense to have people with real expertise take care of your next installation.

Experience the highest quality service and support in the AV industry!