Field service engineer and programer Ben Barry on an AV system commissioning call

AV System Commissioning

AV TechSource regularly sets up and tests new or existing installations to optimize functionality.

Our commissioning and confirmation services include:

  • Identification and resolution of issues caused by defective products, cabling, programming or design errors
  • Setup and connection of video conferencing and audio conferencing systems, including optimization of their performance
  • Setup and tuning of audio DSPs (digital signal processors) to ensure the best performance for a conference room or classroom
  • Setup, calibration and matching of video projectors, videowalls and flat screen displays for the best possible images
  • Finalization of the programming of your control system. We will work with the AV system’s end users to be sure control screens make sense and meet their needs.

We regularly commission new AV systems for AV integrators and system owners – and troubleshoot, tune and optimize older systems as well.

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The AV system commissioning process

An installed audiovisual system is complex, and it’s not unusual for problems and issues to develop.

To make sure your system, whether new or old, is working properly, we will check each function, calibrate displays, tune and equalize audio systems, check and augment, as necessary, the programming of control panels, audio processors, and video and audio teleconferencing systems.

This process is a normal part of our installation service, but we can come out to commission existing systems or systems that you, as an AV integrator or sound contractor, have installed for your clients.

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