AV TechSource technician finishes AMX setup at customer site. We can install AMX systems for you or your customers and handle your AMX programming and AMX setup.

AMX programming

AV TechSource offers highly skilled AMX programming, AMX setup and other services.
We can install your control systems and make
sure they work perfectly.

We are AMX Valued Independent Programmers, which means we have not only been trained by
AMX but are recommended by them as a cut above the average programming firm. There are only 20 such companies worldwide.

Here’s what AMX says about this certification:

“The program was established to support “the best of the best” of independent companies with AMX control systems programming skills. Membership is supported through regional AMX Sales sponsorship and nomination of candidates.

There are a number of business and industry criteria that candidates must meet in order to become members of this exciting program.

The program exists to support and enable those companies whose core business acumen is that of custom control programming services.

Choose AV TechSource for all your AMX control systems programming, AMX setup and AMX maintenance.”

What it takes to be an AMX Valued Independent Programmer

VIP Membership Criteria Highlights from the AMX website. The VIP firm must have:

  • ACE Certified staff programmer(s) and agreement to maintain annual recertification and training
  • Certification by at least one AV Industry Trade Organization
  • An annual membership renewal
  • Pledge to be a good business partner and citizen
  • Adequate insurance and certified compliance to state and local government and union laws
  • Maintain a reputable company with reputable individuals and demonstrable work history within AV and AMX control

AV TechSource is one of only 20 Valued Independent Programmers certified by AMX and listed on their website.
If you have an project using AMX gear, contact us now.

Experience the highest quality service and support in the AV industry!