Ben Barry touches up the control system programming at a customer site. AV TechSource has years of experience with Crestron and AMX systems.

Control System Programming

AV TechSource programmers have years of experience with both AMX and Crestron control systems.

We offer our control system programming services mainly on an outsource basis for AV integrators and contractors, but if you’re a corporate or educational buyer, we can program your system and help you with hardware and software through our network of strategic alliances.

Our services include:

  • Control systems programming
  • Touch panel design and layout
  • On-site commissioning of system controls
  • Remote monitoring via AMX Meeting Manager and Crestron RoomView
  • Troubleshooting and service of older or problematic control systems

An AMX or Crestron control system can operate almost every critical system used in a meeting room, classroom, or public area, including AV components, lights, screens, motorized draperies, heating, air conditioning, security systems and more. Make sure the people who program your system are knowledgeable, experienced and certified.

Learn more about our AMX VIP certification or our Crestron certifications.

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The control system programming process

There’s an art to designing control system screens.

They should be easy to understand, even for someone who has never used an AV system or a control system before. They should be comprehensive, automating all of the functions of the system and the room. They should be secure, preventing unauthorized users from making adjustments. They may be multi-level, offering more sophisticated users more options while giving novices only what they need. They should be bug-free, of course, but also easy to update should you decide to add or change system components.

Other design considerations include the type and size of the control system and control screen, whether to use wired or wireless panels, if the controls will be networked, with access by support and maintenance people, and whether the system will help you with inventory control, prevent theft, or minimize power usage and maximize equipment life.

At AV TechSource, we are highly experienced in control system programming and certified as an AMX Valued Independent Programmer, Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer, Crestron DigitalMedia Certified Designer and DigitalMedia Certified Engineer.

There’s a lot to consider in any programming project. Be sure you use someone with real expertise for your next AV system.

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